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 Rediff Web Hosting

Rediff Web Hosting is dedicated to giving you completely the support you necessity host a successful website. It can support your developing business - in the future. Present ideas best for small businesses. Form available appropriate ideas for special websites. We offer high quality web hosting on servers. Rediff Business Solutions deal you assorted hosting packages, all design to meet special business necessity. Each hosting allows set up your website easily manage the situation successfully with the support of our web based user friendly Hosting managing Interface. It can support your increasing business - nowadays and in the future. Present plans unique idea for furthermost businesses. Check out appropriate ideas for particular websites.

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Windows Hosting Plan
Linux Hosting Plan
Rediff Web Hosting Plans
  • Disk Space - 20MB
  • No. of Subdomains - 1
  • ODBC Data Source Support - 1
  • MySQL Free for Linux
  • Free Web based Control Panel
  • State-of-the-art anti-virus guards
  • 24X7 server network monitoring
  • Hosting platform - Windows and Linux
INR 2400/ USD 63
  • Disk Space - 100MB
  • No. of Subdomains - 5
  • ODBC Data Source Support - 5
  • MySQL Free for Linux
  • Microsoft .net Applications 1.1
  • Active PERL
  • Free Web based Control Panel
  • Hosting platform - Windows and Linux
INR 3200/ USD 84
  • Disk Space - 500MB
  • No. of Subdomains - 10
  • ODBC Data Source Support - 10
  • Webalizer for web site statistics
  • Microsoft .net Applications 1.1
  • Active PERL
  • Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries
  • Hosting platform - Windows and Linux
INR 14900/ USD 392
Server Architecture
Server Hardware 2 processors, IBM Intel, 2GB RAM, X86 based, 3.2 G Hz
World Class Data Centre Rediff Data Centre @VSNL
UPS & generator backup Yes
24/7 server & network monitoring Yes
Firewall Protection Yes
Complete Site backup options Yes
Technical Specifications
Web Server Microsoft IIS 6.0 / Tomcat 4.0 / Apache
Web Development Tools ASP 6.0 / ASP.NET 1.1 / SSI 5.0
  Active Perl on windows / Perl on Linux / CGI-Bin Python / PHP
Web Publishing Frontpage 5.0 / HTML / DHTML / MSXML
FTP Server Microsoft IIS 6.0 (Windows 2003 & Linux)
Java JDK 1.4 / Tomcat with JSP on Linux
Virus Protection Patch updates
Spam Protection Filters
*SQL Database support for windows for Additional Rs 2000/- p.a. per Hosting Pack.